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Introducing the
Next Speakers Bureau: Bringing Industry Leaders to Your Stage

We've all been there. You reach out to a speaker agency, nab a seasoned pro, and voila, you have a polished talker. Often smooth-talking, yes, but sometimes, it felt like you were getting a speaker whose primary expertise was... speaking.

Times are changing, and your attendees are craving more. They're not just looking for someone who knows the subject but someone who lives it. Someone knee-deep in the real world, confronting challenges, sparking innovations, and setting the bar high.

Say hello to the Next Speakers Bureau, from the team at SocialNext Events and Conferences.

Our speakers? Professionals with current, hands-on experience. They don't just present topics; they are living them right now.

  • Real-World Expertise: Our speakers bring actionable insights from their fields. They don't just know the theory; they live it.
  • Authentic Narratives: No two talks are the same. Our speakers share stories from their unique journeys, ensuring fresh content each time.
  • Engaging Conversations: With experience on the ground, our speakers stimulate deeper discussions, challenging status quos, and fostering innovation.
  • Flexible Engagements: Understanding that speaking is their side gig, our speakers are adaptable, fitting into diverse event formats and audiences. We're championing a shift towards authenticity, expertise, and real-world wisdom.
  • Speaker-Centric Pricing Approach: Our speakers aren't seeking to cover their mortgage with a single gig. While their expertise is top-notch, their speaking fees are kept down-to-earth. You're investing in their knowledge and passion, without the weight of big agency overhead. They believe in sharing their wisdom at a rate that respects both their time and your budget.

We're set to launch in mid-2024, and we'd love to discuss how our roster of seasoned professionals can add value to your next event.

Stay tuned,

Mike Signature Mike Morrison

Founder, Social Next & Next Speakers Bureau

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